Bach’d Choreography: Gary Abbott

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
Reflects the timeless grace, passion, power, and rhythmic qualities of Johann Sebastian Bach’s compositions
Chicago Women of Song (Suite) Choreography: Gary Abbott, Brian Brooks, Nicole Clarke-Springer, Kevin Iega Jeff and Dereque Whiturs

Music: Jennifer Hudson, Chaka Kahn, Anita O’Day, Minnie Riperton, Mavis Staples and Dinah Washington
Honors vocalists born in or associated with the Windy City. “Their voices flow through the legacy of the African America experience, helping us connect to our shared values in humanity, to rejoice in those values, feel each other’s pain, laugh when we feel like crying, cry when we need to get it out.”
Dounia Choreography: Nicole Clarke-Springer

Music: Rokia Tratore
Five women finding themselves as one.
I Am Deeply Rooted (Suite) Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff

Video: I Am Deeply Rooted (Suite)
Music: Mahalia Jackson, Roger Eno, Baba Tumba, Anjey Satori & Loko
Text: Shonnese C.L. Coleman and quotes from sung and unsung heroes; additional text provided by “I Am Deeply Rooted” book contributors.
Identifying one’s true essence and having the courage to live it! I Am Deeply Rooted examines aspects of the “genius journey” one takes through life, reflecting upon one’s inner voice for authentic guidance. The work pays homage to sung and unsung heroes who help make each of us possible.
Creation of this work was made possible in part by the Chicago Dancemakers Forum
53 Inhale Choreography: Gary Abbott

Video: 53 Inhale
Music: Nico Muhly
“Although the physical response of my body has changed, my need to create is not diminished. It continues to stretch and inhale.”—Gary Abbott
Nine Choreography: Nicole Clarke-Springer

Music: Mickey HartReflects the need to hold on to one’s center of well-being, while being pulled in many different directions.
Touch(Suite) Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff & Gary Abbott

Music: Aretha Franklin, Bobby McFerrin, Nina Simone
Love, reflections, body to body, soul to soul.
Wild Is The Wind Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff

Music: Nina Simone
Ferrotype (Suite) Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff & Gary Abbott

Video: Ferrotype (Suite)
Music: Gula Island Traditional Spirituals, Thomas A. Dorsey (Georgia Tom), Anon Dvorak, Nikki Giovanni, Ma Rainey, Clarence Williams’ Blue Five, Mavis Staples
Captured moments in life, images of plain folk, from the early twentieth century.
The creation of Ferrotype was made possible by the generosity of Deeply Rooted’s Family of Friends.
We Dance Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
We Dance was originally commissioned by the Wylliams/ Henry Danse Theater.
Hand To Mouth Choreography: Gary Abbott

Music: Kronos Quartet
Inspired by the plight of the Somali people who lived hand- to-mouth in the midst of a civil war, drought and famine, while overlooked during the tsunami of 2005.
Naeemah’s Room Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff

Video: Naeemah’s Room
Music: Ennio Morricone, Phillip Glass, and Bjork
An intimate and stirring look at a troubled time in the life of Denice Naeemah Jeff  (Jeff ’s sister). Naeemah’s Room gives voice to depression, a subject that affects millions and is seldom discussed.
Three Brazilian Dances (Suite) Choreography: Gary Abbott & Kevin Iega Jeff

Music: Mozart – Camargo Guarnieri
Heaven Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff & Gary Abbott

Video: Heaven
Original Music: Raymond Jones
Joy and humanity, clarity and resolve.
Jagged Ledges Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff & Gary Abbott

Video: Jagged Ledges
Music: Martin Tillman, Tom Bedvik, Jai Utal and Peter Gabriel
Text: Staceyann Chin
The plight of people living with HIV/AIDS … The soul’s quest for freedom.
The Club Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff & Gary Abbott

Video: The Club
Original Music: Janice Pendarvis & Raymond Jones
The 80’s/90’s people of the night, their passions, fashions and drama that becomes their dance. The beats rule the crowd—people seek themselves inside of intimate connections, dancing like there’s no tomorrow
MOVE! (Suite) Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff & Gary Abbott

Original Music: Janice Pendarvis & Raymond Jones
Tleftraeh Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff

Music: Antonin Dvorak
Inspired by nineteenth century African-American family photographs.
Tleftreah was commissioned by the Ruth Page Foundation and the Ravinia Festival, Highland Park IL.
The Dance We Dance Concept: Kevin Iega Jeff
Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff & Gary Abbott

Video: The Dance We Dance
Text: Shonnese C.L. Coleman ,Lee Aca Thompson performed with Karamu Kush
Company repertoire reflecting the soul’s journey through human experience, introspection, self-discovery and acts of free will.
Surrender Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff

Video: Surrender
Music: Terrance Trent Darby and Hans Zimmer
The trinity of spirit, mind and body.
Just…Miss Sadie Choreography: Gary Abbott

Music: Ruth Brown, Linda Hopkins, Hound Dog Taylor and
Jimmy Scott
Text: Shonnese C.L.Coleman
A comedic, at times pathetic, journey of a woman trapped by her own vices.
Resonant Untruth Choreography: Krystal Hall-Glass

Music: Sam Cooke and The Last Poets
One man’s quest for self-discovery and healing.
Desire Choreography: Gary Abbott

Video: Desire
Music: Hans Zimmer, Geoff McCormack Simon Goldberg
Desire explores three types of attraction, first sight, physical beauty and young love. When the company dances together it depicts the primal urge of attraction felt by all.
Church of Nations Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff

Video: Church of Nations
Music: Ennio Morricone and The Art Of Noise
Should religious leaders give consent to war in the name of God?
Somewhere Choreography: Gary Abbott

Music: Aretha Franklin
Sweet in the Morning Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff

Music: Bobby McFerrin
Bittersweet Choreography: Gary Abbott

Music: Aretha Franklin”
In His Name Choreography: Anthony Marshall

Music: Prince and Michael Pluzick
Man’s ascension.
Dedication (Suite) Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff

Video: Dedication (Suite)
Music: Quincy Jones, Claus Ogerman and Patti Austin
An ancestral elder passes the legacy of life onto children of the new world.
Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff

Video: Flack (Suite)
Music: Roberta Flack, Quincy Jones and Donny Hathaway
A portrait of strife, despair and ultimate triumph!
Nia Keii…A Gift of Life
Choreography: Kevin Iega Jeff

Music: Joe Sample
Nature’s elements in fluid movement.