Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is united in its commitment to serve Deeply Rooted’s mission. The Board is composed of a range of members with various skills who together represent the world’s diversity in terms of ethnic, racial, age, gender, sexual, and religious orientation. Board activities are guided by the strategic plan, a statement of individual commitment from each board member, and shared resource-development goals. Potential board members are considered based on how their skills, capacity and interests match the current and future needs of the organization as well as the general board criteria. Existing board members are evaluated on their fulfillment of the commitments each has made.

The board meets quarterly and is responsible for governance. The work of the board is carried out by committees which generally meet between board meetings.. The standing committees of the board are the Governance/Finance Committee and the Resource Development Committee. Each committee is guided by a board member chairing the committee, and can include volunteers from the community as committee members or as a co-chair.

If you are interested in joining the Board, inquire at; Subject Line: BOARD OF DIRECTORS INQUIRY. Please attach your resume and biography.

  • Jane C. Brownley,
  • Board Chair
  • Director in Wireless Standards, Nokia – Retired
  • Judy Cothran M.D.,
  • Board Vice-Chair
  • Founder and Medical Director Women’s Health of Chicago
  • Johnathan A. Thomas
    Board Treasurer (interim)
  • Account Manager, Microsoft
  • Otis Richardson,
  • Board Secretary
  • Freelance Designer/Illustrator Customer Service Rep Tribune Media Services
  • Gary Abbott,
  • Associate Artistic Director
  • Assistant Professor of Modern Dance, University of Kansas City Missouri
  • Nicole Clarke-Springer,
  • Artistic Director
  • Freelance Choreographer & Instructor
  • Kevin Iega Jeff,
  • Creative Director, Deeply Rooted Productions
  • Artist-In-Residence, Purdue University, Freelance, Choreographer, Director & Dance Educator
  • Tanya L. Hickson,
  • Associate Director, Global Engagement and Affinity Programs The University of Chicago
  • Sam Hill
  • Co-Founder and Former Executive Director, M.A.D.E Foundation
  • Founder and CEO of Sam Hill’s Over The Hill Nonprofit Organization, consultant
  • Rita McGuire M.D.,
  • Physician
  • St. Bernard Hospital
  • Philippe Ravanas
  • Professor & Chairman Emeritus Columbia College Chicago
  • Parle Roe-Taylor, Esq.
  • Deputy Public Defender
  • Municipal Operations, Litigation and Support
  • Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender
  • Stephanie J. Whitaker
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Administrative Assistant/Coordinator Undergraduate Program Operations

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a knowledgeable group of professionals who consult and actively mobilize their resources and/or provide expertise as needed. The Advisory Board members have no legal or fiduciary responsibilities, but are advocates for the company’s mission and serve as an integral part of Deeply Rooted’s operations. Advisory Board activities are driven by an Advisory Board Member Plan.

Richard Cahan

Imara Canady

Jennifer Jackson

Anjali Johnson

Omari Kamal

Adrienne Kostreva

Laurel Lipkin

Fred Miller

Bernard Mims

Valda Staton

Cindy Wonzy-Carl